Kotopës™ TUF Foundation

Tourism and Urbanism Foundation Charitable Foundation (TUF) is a platform aimed at tourism and urbanism development in Armenia. We create sustainable intiatives that have a longterm social-economic impact in Armenia. We would be able to solve the issues we target much faster with the help of like-minded organizations and people who share our vision of the future of Armenia. The first veterinary station in the city of Dilijan was established in partnership with «To Live” Foundation.

Neutering program for homeless animals in Dilijan

Dilijan Stray Animals Neutralization Program The problem of stray dogs is very outstanding in Armenia on the whole and in Dilijan particularly. Although Dilijan is one of the biggest and highly populated cities of Armenia, there were no veterinary clinics operating there until recently. TUF Foundation with the support of voluntary groups of animal lovers located in the city has founded a charitable vet clinic which is going to take care of the neutralization of the stray animals of the city. Dogs who are in good condition will be surgically neutered by qualified and experienced veterinary surgeons. We believe that animal care should follow very high standards, therefore a lot of emphasis is placed on hygiene and cleanliness.

10 $

Rabies Vaccination

30 $

Test for Detection of Leishmaniasis

120 $

Dog Neutering

160 $